Thursday, 13 March 2014

Spring Cleaning!!!

Sorry about the brief absence - I have being suffering from an urge to clean!  Got slightly bored with the rows and rows of rippling and my mind - thanks to the lovely weather we've had of late - started thinking Spring, then naturally straight into Spring Cleaning!  Yes, such is the way my mind works!

First thing I did was stock up on the cleaning cloths.  This is my under-sink stash with lots of cloths, scrubbers, wipes and a spray bottle of water and white vinegar.  I got the bottle from the garden section of a supermarket - completely impossible to find them anywhere else.  I've got a similar stash in the bathroom.

I am trying to wean myself off using so  many disposable wipes.  The reason I got hooked on them is that I never really knew what to do with the wet cloth you would end up with after wiping round the sink, or shower, or whatever.  But then it occurred to me that all I really need is a "wet cloth" container to dump my wet cloths in during the week and then just launder them on a hot wash once a week with my towels/bedding.  But to do this I needed more cloths, so off I went to the pound store and stocked up on dishcloths and microfiber cloths and all sort of goodies in that department (small pleasures!).  I also sorted out some old tea towels to use as dry cloths for shining up things and drying off wet surfaces.  I was rather pleased with these two ideas which will hopefully pay off by saving me money on the wet wipes (which aren't really that good for proper cleaning anyhow) and - of course - I'm saving the environment too :-)

So yesterday I spent 3 solid hours in our (tiny) bathroom cleaning like crazy.  And I thought it was pretty clean to start off with - wrong! - the amount of gunge in the shower cubicle was quite staggering :-(((  But boy, how it sparkles now - loving the white vinegar and water sprayer which could probably benefit from a few drops of lemon essential oil, if I'm honest, but gives a lovely (chemical free) shine.

What a total joy it was to use the bathroom this morning, especially after all my hard graft :-)  I even cleaned the windows, every tile, the ceiling (vacuumed every minute cobweb) and behind the pipework!  It's amazing how you don't notice the dirt until you start cleaning!

So the bathroom is done and I've started on the kitchen (cooker - done).  Thought I'd tackle the nasties first before I run out of enthusiasm.  The rest will be plain sailing, surely?

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