Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Non-Pancake Day

Something strange happened yesterday.  It wasn't Pancake Day, even though my diary quite CLEARLY states it was Shrove Tuesday (don't know why you can't see it in the above picture but believe me it did)!  I sent the boy off to school with promises of pancakes for tea with lashings of lemon and sugar.  I thought it was a bit odd than there was no mention of it on Radio 2 (which I listen to all day long).  I was very nearly on the point of emailing in, when I thought I'd better just check - and that's when I discovered the horrible truth.  March 4th is Shrove Tuesday this year!!!!  Oh dear.  What will the boy say?  But then I thought - who needs an excuse for pancakes anyway?


When I think about it, maybe yesterday was an illusion.  I must surely have been hallucinating when I looked out of the window and saw a bright blue sky!  Aaah, but it's still very windy, I thought.  HANG ON!  Perfect drying weather - a chance to give my poor, over-worked dryer a day off!  Within seconds the sheets were on the line, billowing in the wind.

Obviously, it didn't last.  Maybe a couple of hours and then the sky blackened and the rain came down.  But they did get partly dry - at least a good airing.

Hey ho.  Time to retreat to the kitchen again.

Flapplejack, anyone?  (That's flapjack with a layer of apple in the middle).  No?  How about a slice of date and banana cake?

Don't mind if I do.  Truth be told, I found some dates that were left over from Christmas (!) but still perfectly edible, plus I had some over-ripe bananas.  The Flapplejack used up some seen-better-days apples from the bottom of the fruit bowl.  Both were delicious and I was able to give myself a brownie point for being thrifty ;-)  Actually, I will freeze half of each so that I have packed lunch fodder on tap.

And as if this wasn't enough for one day, I attempted loaf no. 2.  This time I used a bog standard recipe which was just flour, salt, yeast and water.  This loaf turned out much better - you can just see a nice airy texture which was not doughy, like my first attempt.  So this morning I was able to have homemade bread with homemade marmalade on top!  Just call me Delia ...

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