Friday, 7 February 2014

A Little Sewing

Despite the name of my blog, it's actually been quite a while since I actually sewed anything!  I seem to have been content with the click-clacking of some evening knitting these long winter nights, but today I had the urge to sew.

And for once, I knew what it was that I needed to do.  I say need - you can see by the state of this apron that it is in fact in dire need of replacing.  Good old Cath Kidston, she kept me going for oooh, lots and lots of years and of course it's been a well-used and well-loved apron BUT every apron has its day and this one is looking really rather shabby atrocious.  Even after washing, it doesn't get much better than this I'm afraid.  Sad old thing :-(

Let's see, what do we have in the fabric stash?

Ooh, that'll do nicely.  And the apron strings?

Splendid.  Let's begin

Cut round the old one. 

Actually, might as well do two whilst I'm at it, as I happen to have this pink and orange stripy material too which I'm quite liking.  Actually, like it better than the bag material, so let's do that one first.  In fact, sewing an apron is pretty darn easy, it's just a case of doing a double hem all the way round and then putting the apron strings on it.

To make it look profesh, I have a little square box trick which I do on the front to make the strings secure.

Now, you can clearly see my seam on the right there - what a mess!!! That's all thanks to my sewing machine which is having some sort of problem with tension in the bobbin at the moment.  Most annoying, obviously I should have sorted this out before I started but that's not me I'm afraid - I have to go diving in, regardless. In the end I needed a new needle and all was well.  As a solution, I just top-stitched the dodgy looking seams.  I know, I know, a good sewer would have unpicked and started again but seeing as this apron is going to live in my cupboard in my kitchen I doubt anyone will care/notice.

So now I have a nice new apron.  Looks a bit better than the old one, I hope you'll agree!  What?  Oh you want to know if it fits? 

Was all sewed out by the time I'd finished (which was only just over an hour!) but hurray for the new apron :-)

P.S.  Must just mention -  THE SUN IS SHINING TODAY!!!

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